Welcome to Dynamic Loyalty Solutions. Our goal is to help businesses design and implement custom solutions that will engage and retain their customers regardless of budget.

Think about this…In business there are only 3 ways to increase revenue.
1. Find new customers
2. Increase profits by raising prices or cutting costs
3. Get current customers to buy more frequently

Number #1 can be expensive. Number #2 is extremely risky and hard. Number #3 is the logical choice. This is where Dynamic Loyalty Solutions shines!


  • Acquiring new customers is anywhere from five to 25 times more expensive than retaining new ones, depending on your industry.
  • Customer loyalty leads to profits. Increasing customer retention by just 5 percent boosts profits by 25 to 95 percent, according to the advisory firm Bain & Co.
  • Even the customers who spend the most at your company aren’t necessarily loyal. According to the advisory firm McKinsey & Company, 25 to 50 percent of a brand’s highest spending customers also shop with its competitors.
  • Customer engagement leads to customer retention. Research by Rosetta Consulting, for example, found that engaged customers are five times more likely to buy only from the same brand in the future.
  • Highly-engaged customers buy 90 percent more often and spend 60 percent more per transaction, according to the Rosetta Consulting study.


Dynamic Loyalty Solutions works with you to design a loyalty program customized to fit your business and help you drive engagement from your customers. Our approach is “consultative” and is cost effective with a “white glove” style of managing the solution or solutions.


We offer many solutions that can fit any budget or goals

  • Mobile Loyalty Apps
  • Mobile/Online Coupons
  • Email Engagement
  • Text Engagement
  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Video
  • YouTube Ads
  • YouTube Video


For questions, pricing or inquires feel free to email us at info@dynamicloyaltysolutions.com or use the form. We would be happy to help!